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hi - workoutgirl17
I really need to get on this posting thing I promise I will. I have got story I really hurt my ankle I was going to choir praticed at a members basement and I fell down the stares and since I was the frist one their  no saw  thanks my stars but I was hurt I could hardly get up I found a place to sit and was sitting praticied started I did not tell anyone what happened in right in the middle of be hold the royal army and singing about VICTORY! IN HIM!( god) i was going wild with my VICTORY!! and all of sudden my shoe go really tight and I was not singing out VICTORY IN HIM AND MORE I was saying OUCH. I told one my sister what happen and then got ice. I had to call jason to come get me and take me home. I thought I was fine you know a bad sprain I am fine .  The missonaries came  over to give me a blessing and I was fine. Boy was I wrong I went to quick care my ankle was a soft ball they x-rayed I fraracerd it and chipped the bone. They showed me pic of ankle there was crack and a chuck of bone missing. They put my ankle in a split said go home stay off ice elevate it. This  happened 4 weeks ago here I am at home with my ankle it still hurts and I am tired of laying around I want to to something. I want to get own drink I want to make my own food and get off the couch by myself. I can not do any of that. I have someone here 24/7 I want to be left alone. There is always someone here do need a drink are you hungry what can I get you. I am like a gun. I really appreciate there help but I think I can be only for few hours. that is all for now.

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