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My roommate and other stuff - workoutgirl17
My roommate and other stuff

Well my roommate made me mad again. I was in the living room watching T.V. and I had to go grab my phone I left it  in there. I went in and went to grab my phone off the table and my roommate closed the computer and said I am done for the day I was like ok whatever. I went back to watching my show and about 45 min later I had to go to the bathroom I walk into the bedroom and she closed the computer again. A little while later she left for work. I was watching u tube and I was think what is she hiding from me. So I got on Lj went her journal and there it was. She was posting about me. She was mad at me I am not sure way and was posting about it. I was not mad about that she has the right to vent. I read more of her posts and most of them where about me saying I was mean and bitch and stuip and crazy then she called me fat.  I thought what the hell and I  am the bitch. What to do ???

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