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my phone - workoutgirl17
my phone

I got a new phone on a few days ago and I love it.It is a Virgin moble and it works really well. i got it at walmart and it the phone was 30 and the plan was 20 so I am paying 20 a month. 30 for a phone you can't beat that and is has all the stuff the other phones have. The only thing it does not have cam it is not a pic phone but I have jasons phone for that. I never really used my pic on my old phone. So it does not bother me. I think this is the best plan. I pay 20 a mouth and have unlimted texting and 10 cent per min talk but  have house so I never will talk on my phone and even if I do a hour is only 1 dollar but I can just used the house phone. so my phone is just really for texting but i have it if i need it which is good. Well need to go have some texting to do. lol!!


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randyandrews From: randyandrews Date: February 8th, 2010 06:26 am (UTC) (Link)
*sigh* I remember when my phone bill was only $20 a month... Then the Iphone came into my life..
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