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just a post - workoutgirl17
just a post

Hi all,

     Today is what I call a lazy day. Just hanging around doing my best to waste anouther  day. I may do some landry and play some skip-o with my roommate. I am also try to learn a song for nuersey. It is called I am a child of God. We sing that in nuersey and I should know it. I got called to nuersey in my chruch I was so excited. I love kids. We do lots of stuff in there. The frist hour the kids play. The secong hour we have a lesson a project snack and then a story. Then the chlidren go with the parents. I love it. I am always excited for Sunday to come so I can see those children of God. The kids really just took to me. Jasmine was my frist friend. Last Sunday she kinda flocked away from me but that is ok I am sure it wa not me. she was just being the indapendent type. I will see how it goes next Sunday. Audrey knows me more her mom and dad are friends of mine and they have had dinner at my house so she is more active with me. Even in church she will sit by me and want to scribble with my pen or crayons that I have in my bag.
It is a little funny that during church I have some of the kids waving at me.Well I guess I better go and start landry so Jason had clean cloths to were. By for now


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rebekah1213 From: rebekah1213 Date: January 21st, 2010 08:14 pm (UTC) (Link)
I hope you enjoyed your lazy day, and I hope you have a blessed 2010.
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