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my ankle - workoutgirl17
my ankle

Like I said i hurt my ankle and I thought I was fine well I  was wrong. I went to a bone doctor and he said that I broken and snapped the ligaments. So I need to have surgey. They put a screw in my ankle and put me a a soft cast. Right now I am in Oklahoma healing at my moms house. Befor i go into that let me give you some back ground.I went to the hopital for my surgey that my mom came for. The doctor nurse said I could eat but not after 2:30 ahe was wrong I ate and they pushed back the time of my surgey. So we had to wait wait and then wait some finally it was my turn. They wheeled me back and the next thing I remeber is my doctor saying you are not going home tonight. Keep in mind this out paicent surgey. So that got me a hopital room I had a roommate and she talked in her sleep so I did not sleep.The next day i found out that after they gave me something to wake me up after the surgey my heart started to beat really fast at 280 beat a mon the normal is 80 beats a min so my heart was way fast that is why they had me stay. Then they gace me some pain meds anf I had a bad reaction to it. this wait i herd happend frist me boby was jerking and my mom tried to wake me up but i was unrepontive them my eyes rolled back in my head and my mom ran to get a nurse they gave me something in my IV to contuer act and I came right out and had no idea and mom and the doctor were asking me questions like what day is it who is the pres. what was my name did I know where I was. Did I know my mom and my Bf I was lke what is wrong with all of Of couse I know all this. Then when they tod me what had happend I was stunned. I had no idea. Then they were going to release me and that was just awful.I was all ready to go they took my IV out took the little tabs they had me for my heart rate and other stuff. Then they said she is not going home. My mom had the orders they give you know after they leave and the nurse snatch them out of my moms hand. They said you are not going home I said oh yes I can you can't make me stay and by law they can't. I asked why and they said that I did not meet the goal PT had set for me they came to see me and teach me how to use cruches and to see what was easier a walker or cruches. Then I said what goals they did not say any goals.Then I said I was not addmitted for my ankle I was ammitted because of my heart so the head of PT came to talk and see me use the crucus They gave me the cruches and I said ok Erin so them what you are made of you are not staying hereshow what you can do. So I grabbed the crutes and off i went yes I was shakey but not bad they saw me walk for about 20 feet and said send her home I got back on my bed and was so tuckerd out. They just wanted to give me crutches ans my mom said no we need a wheel chair too. What if we want to take her to church even if we drop her off at the door it is still to far to go on cruches. What about if I want to go with them shopping on cruches yeah right so i got a wheel chair and here I am in OK whell and cruches. i have been getting around pretty good. I still have to have someone get me drink and stuff because I might drop it even  if it is on my lap. If i am in my whell chair I have roll and sometimes puch my self so I cant hold on to it, I am good just here the 19 hour drive back so awful soooooooooooo long I am flying home frist week in Oct. back to my family I am ready to go home.
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